Monday, April 30, 2012

Is Apple’s fashion trend nearing the end?

The reported earnings claimed by Apple are frankly unbelievable.   Apple reported 35.1 million Iphones were sold in the last Quarter with the majority of the iphones not sold in the United States but overseas.   Is it possible Iphone sales are declining in the United States?  Its apparently appears to be if 64% of Apple’s sales occurred overseas.  Its common knowledge American set many fashion trends which are emulated throughout the rest of the World.   Think of the many fashion trends which are here today and gone tomorrow.
 Could it be that Apple’s tremendous production rates are causing their products to become commonplace and less trendy?  What will happen in though foreign lands when they find out their not as chic owning an Apple iphone or Ipad, could that possibility affect sales?   Or heaven forbid a competitor develops the latest greatest thing and the herd must have one.   Honestly, who can actually use all the functionality built-in to the current smart phones, for that matter needs all the apps.   How much better is the Iphone 5 going to be, is everyone going to rush out and buy one?  
Its apparent Apple products are becoming less fashionable at least in America are more sales would have occurred in the  United States.  I don’t want to offend other countries, but America is definitely the best at marketing and other countries typically follow.  Look how Apple convinced the herd they absolutely needed to buy an iphone and started a stampede, with hundred standing in line just to buy the latest gadget.   Unfortunately, like most love affairs they end and I believe end of the herd love affair with Apple is just around the corner.  So before you listen to though deceptive analysts telling you Apple's share price is going to 1000 per share consider my comments as its current sales and growth rate are not sustainable and likely will start declining as the herd is an adulterous animal.

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